Report of one day interactive seminar with Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic

Cosmic Way Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd (CWEF) is one of the best and leading educational consultancy in Nepal. It was established on 2017 with the aim, to motivate, inspire and support students for their educational journey to aboard. We focus on providing unrivaled services to students who wishes to attend overseas education with the hope that foreign education will enable them to make an impact in the world. We work as a bridge for students and foreign universities to meet or fulfill the eligible student’s desire of studing in abroad. As our main purpose we organized a one-day interactive seminar on 4th February 2019 at Hotel Hardik, Bagbazar, Kathmandu.

• The main objective was to introduce Mendel University’s program, courses and application process to students and as well as the living standard of students in Czech Republic.
• Face to face interaction program with the university’s representative to answer the quires of students regarding the courses and study visa process of Mendel University.

CWEF published an informative advertisement for two weeks in online platform and collected the interested students detail, who have keen to attend the seminar. The students showed their interest for study in Czech Republic at Mendel University. CWEF followed up students through telecommunication and invited students for the valuable participation in the seminar. Some students were unable to attend the seminar, so they were consulted about the university program, courses and process through other means of communication.


On the day of the interactive program the host started the program by welcoming all the participants and the representative of the university. Mr. Pawan Kumar Misra, Professor of Mendel University and South Asia Region Student Helper for MENDELU, Miss. Ludmila NEPOMUCKA International Relation Department Head and Miss. Martin RASTICOVA, Vice Dean Faculty of Economics & Management of Mendel University were the honorable guest from Czech Republic. Along after the introduction program Mrs. Supriya Thapa gave a welcome speech to the guest and participants. Mr. Kamal Khadka, CEO/Co-founder of CWEF cleared some objectives of the interactive seminar.
And the floor was taken over by Mr. Pawan Kumar Misra, he briefed about the objectives of the Mendel University and clarify about why Mendel University? Miss. Martina explained about the Czech Republic and Mendel University in detail (where the university is located, the main places & foods of Czech Republic) and she also cast light upon the student life as well as living standard of students in Czech Republic. Miss. Ludmila gave an explanation about the courses of Mendel University, the process of application and the time duration. She also mentioned that the process of applying and documentation will take time, so students have to keep patience for getting the offer letter from the university.
After the presentation from the representative, face to face interaction program was conducted. The students as well as the parents raised their quires in the program and the university representative gave satisfactory answers for the questions. The interactive program was ended after distributing token of appreciation to the guests.

The major findings from the interactive seminar are as follows:
• The students seem to be active and participatory during the program.
• The students as well as parents were supportive and interested to be the part of Mendel university.
• There were 41 participants including students and parents in the seminar.
• The university representative made clear about the overall courses, facilities and life in Czech Republic.

Recommendation and Feedback:
Overall, the program went well and ended successfully. Even though, there are some places for improvements, they are:
• We’re focused on students who reside in Kathmandu valley only. It would be more successful if we organize such type of Study Seminar outside the valley.
• This is probably the best offer for those students who has less budget to go for Europe. MENDELU is a 100 years old public university which offers Bachelor’s degree in least cost (1600 EURO). We’re unable to flow this message to the expected number of peoples.
• The official website of MENDELU is Students can visit the official website and get the information about visa processing, tuition fees, Nostrification procedure, Living cost and accommodation, Life in Brno and more. We are here to give the best counselling services to our students.

Thank you!


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