Seminar: Study in Czech Republic Meet the University Delegates

We have successfully hosted the Seminar: Study in Czech Republic, MEET THE UNIVERSITY DELEGARES- Mendel University in Brno. This was the second Study in Czech Republic seminar hosted by Cosmic Way Education partnered with Anchor Education and Research Center in association with the Mendel University in Brno, the biggest public university of Czech Republic was held on 15 th September 2022 at Hardik Hotel, Kathmandu Nepal.

Doc. PhDr., Martina Rašticová, Ph.D, Vice Dean for Internationalization was the main guest of the event. Other representatives are Doc. Ing. Oldřich Trenz, Ph.D, Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics, Bc. Eliška Fojtíková, Recruitment Coordinator, Ing. Kateřina Mlejnková, Mobilities Coordinator and Ing. Pawan Kumar Mishra, Ph.D., Assistant Professor.

During the event more than 35 potential students along with their parents attended and they did the interaction with the university delegates and did questionnaire regarding the potential study programs, the mode of study procedure and application process. Along with the study programs, they were able to know more about the university facilities, accommodation, Erasmus scholarships, university grands, student life in Brno and other facilities to facilitate their study life in Brno.

“It is obvious that Brno is a second largest city of Czech Republic and Brno is called the city of international students so the life in the Brno is very comfortable to the international students: one of the guest speakers said. After the event, we took some feedback from the student’s side. Students were fully satisfied with the information provided by the university representatives. They are eager to go MENDELU to get the internationally recognized degree and explore the student life in Brno. University delegates were also said that they were more than happy to interact with the potential students.

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